Mining Occupational Hygiene

Specialist service areas that cover airborne exposure management (dust, gases, diesel particulate matter, and radiation), thermal stress, noise management, explosion prevention, emergency preparedness along with the associated safety protocols and monitoring.

Mining Occupational Hygiene

BBE has professional competencies in the scientific and practical engineering understanding of the sources and control of underground airborne pollutants such as dust, diesel emissions, methane, radiation, re emissions, etc.

Expertise includes dust handling, dust filtration and dust scrubbing, gas handling and gas scrubbing systems in terms of system and component design and implementation.

The underground environment has a direct impact on the health, safety and productivity of the workforce. BBE provides specialist occupational hygiene services and assists mines with customised, appropriate and practical guidance that not only complies with all the legal requirements, but also ensures a productive, healthy and safe work environment for the workforce. Typical specialist services include:

  • Voluntary and mandatory codes of practices
  • Occupational hygiene risk assessments
  • Dust management system designs and specifications
  • Radiation control regimes
  • Contaminant and pollutant management sytems
  • Part-time Occupational Hygienists
  • Audits on legal compliance
  • Develop mine standards and systems
  • Determines operational compliance interfaces with managerial standards, systems and procedures.

BBE can provide analytical services for silica, DPM, and gas composition through its South African laboratory.

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