Fan Audits, Engineering and Project Services

BBE Group is an independent specialist engineering services provider with over 35 years’ experience with a proven track record in challenging mines and environments.

Fan Audits

BBE Group offers a full range of fan engineering services to assist mine operators in ensuring that fans operate efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, BBE Group offers turnkey solutions for new fan projects, from concept stage through to the final project delivery, for mine ventilation infrastructure and associated systems.

Some of the fan engineering services offered by BBE are:

  • Turnkey fan station projects, surface and underground
  • Troubleshooting of fan problems
  • Fan root cause failure investigations
  • Compiling of fan and related equipment
  • technical specifications for tendering purposes
  • Adjudication of tenders
  • Third-party performance verification of fans
  • Remote fan protection\monitoring systems for risk mitigation
  • Life of mine planning for fan infrastructure
  • Performance optimization of fan networks
  • Upgrading/ retrofitting of existing fan hardware
  • Energy optimization of fans and related hardware
  • CFD designs on duct and underground drift layouts to minimize pressure losses
  • Mechanical audits
  • LEV systems fan performance assessments
  • Fan application engineering

BBE offers strategic ventilation mine planning including estimates of Life-of-Mine ventilation, heat loads and cooling requirements, sizing of infrastructure, equipment selection, capital and operating costs. BBE also undertake peer review and due diligence studies on mine ventilation projects.

fan audits

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