Industrial Ventilation

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Industrial Ventilation

BBE offers a range of services to assist mine operators with managing dust and fume risks to protect their personnel and assets. BBE offers in-house capability to address over-exposure to airborne pollutants and achieve legal or in-house compliance by engineering effective ventilation controls.

Our solutions can address fumes, gases, dust and thermal conditions to ensure regulatory and corporate standard compliance concerning worker health, safety, and the environment.

From underground crushers and shops to surface processing plants, refineries, and laboratories, we have a designated team with the experience and technical knowledge to provide the mining sector with point extraction, filtration, general ventilation, and air conditioning.

Discipline-specific specialists and design methods, including CFD analysis and duct ventilation software, are used to critically assess and design a holistic and permanent solution for any industrial process airborne pollutant situation.

We offer specialist industrial ventilation expertise to assist our clients in managing fume and dust personnel exposure limits and environmental damage.

BBE has a designated team with experience and technical knowledge to provide point extraction, filtration, general ventilation and air conditioning in the mining and industrial sectors. Some of our services are:

  • Audits to determine the performance of existing systems
  • Study work (Concept, PFS, FS)
  • System detailed design (extraction, ventilation, scrubbing, dust handling, air filtration)
  • Designing of engineering control measures to meet occupational hygiene standards
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (dry) and Draught System duct network airflow modelling (wet)
  • CFD modelling and dispersion studies
  • General HVAC of buildings on industrial sites
  • Third party reviews
  • Implementation of projects on EPCM and EPC basis:
    • Local Exhaust Ventilation systems
    • Draught ventilation systems
    • General ventilation systems
    • Air-conditioning
  • Specific mining focus specializing in:
    • Process plant
    • Crushers & transfer points
    • Assay laboratories
    • Laboratories
    • Welding bays and workshops
BBE industrial ventilation

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