Mine Fire Prevention and Emergency Response

Assisting mine operators with managing fire and explosion risks and ensuring emergency response is in place to protect personnel and assets.

Mine Fire Prevention and Emergency Response

BBE offers a range of services to assist mine operators with managing fire risks in order to protect their personnel and assets.

BBE offers in-house capability to simulate possible fire scenarios to determine the likely impact on the underground environment (gases, temperature and possible flow reversals). This information is important for emergency preparedness planning. BBE can advise on control measures to mitigate fire risk and assist with the design and specification of fire detection and suppression systems in high-risk areas such as conveyor belts.

BBE is one of the few mining consulting firms with a designated team having experience and technical knowledge to reduce fire risk. Some of the fire risk management services offered are:

  • Risk assessments
  • Audits of fire risk (combustible materials, ignition sources) and gap analysis
  • Fire modelling (gases, heat, predict flow reversals)
  • Planning of control measures to mitigate risk to persons, property and the environment
  • Assist with accident and incident investigation
  • Third party reviews
  • Design and specification of fire detection and suppression systems including control philosophy
  • Ventilation layouts to mitigate fire risk of conveyor belts and vehicle ramps
  • Mine standards and Codes of Practice:
    • Flammable gases and fire prevention
    • Emergency preparedness planning (escape routes, refuge bays, rescue packs, etc.)

BBE offers strategic ventilation mine planning including estimates of Life-of-Mine ventilation, heat loads and cooling requirements, sizing of infrastructure, equipment selection, capital and operating costs. BBE also undertake peer review and due diligence studies on mine ventilation projects.

Mine Fire Prevention

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