Ventilation Heating Design - Seeing is understanding

Modelling is the basis of our designs, examining complex mine ventilation systems, analysing and quantifying potential energy savings, and solving fluid flow and contaminant concerns.

Ventilation Heating Design

When it comes to fit-for-purpose design and construction of heating solutions for underground mines, BBE considers:

  • Environmental and social issues, such as limiting noise and emissions of combustion byproducts.
  • The life of mine and mining method.
  • Air use requirements, downstream heat sources, and the effects of autocompression.
  • Environmental comfort, regulatory requirements, and best practices for services and personnel.
  • Commodity and waste heat availability.
  • Total cost of ownership and best solution for the application.

BBE is your vendor-agnostic partner.  We prioritize your unique needs and goals when recommending a heating solution.  Our extensive experience and global network of suppliers allow us to find the best heating solution tailored to your specific mine requirements.

We emphasize the use of modular, easily serviceable equipment.  We understand the unique challenges of underground mines and have a track record of delivering safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions from concept study through to EPCM.

BBE world mine heating
BBE is your vendor-agnostic partner. We prioritize your unique needs and goals when recommending a heating solution.

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