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Since its inception in 1989, BBE has acquired a reputation for excellence through the dedication and professionalism of its experts.

Mine Ventilation Surveys and Model Calibration

BBE specialises in audits and reviews of ventilation systems, strategic ventilation modelling for life-of-mine exercises, technical feasibility studies from concept bankable feasibility level and the analysis of alternative ventilation systems using the latest computer ventilation simulation software (The preference of the simulation software used is the client’s choice). BBE expertise includes primary and secondary ventilation control and technical and practical aspects considering industry-accepted best practices and potential alternative innovative solutions.

BBE also conducts on-site audits and supports mine sites with primary and secondary ventilation surveys and fan/cooling/heating system performance assessments. This information is used to calibrate the mine ventilation simulation model to accurately represent underground conditions and system performance. This is important to ensure that ventilation conditions and equipment operating points are specified correctly, and that future underground conditions and equipment duty point specifications are accurate.

The ventilation model visualisation software assists the ventilation department, responsible technical staff and management in clearly understanding the underground ventilation systems and required future requirements.

The calibrated ventilation simulation model can also be used to simulate different airborne pollutants conduct trade-of-studies, e.g. diesel-powered equipment vs battery electric vehicles (BEVs), by comparing different heat generation rates and pollutant impacts, etc.

The calibrated ventilation simulation model can also be used to identify emergency escape routes, identify smoke distribution during a fire and location of places of safety during an emergency w.r.t safe routes and distance to places of safety, e.g., refuge chambers, fresh air bases, etc. emergency planning (explosive atmospheres, fires, and egress).

The BBE team can also support sites with global short-term secondments and practical “on-the-job” mentorship/training.

Mine Ventilation Surveys and Model Calibration

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