Leaders in Mine Ventilation and Cooling

BBE’s diverse design teams, comprising mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers, instrumentation specialists, and an in-house drawing office, deliver comprehensive engineering services. Our expertise extends to mine ventilation and cooling systems, encompassing the creation of detailed process, mechanical, civil, and electrical drawings, along with precise specifications.

Occupational hygiene monitoring support services

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of occupational hygiene, with specific reference to respirable airborne pollutants, BBE Laboratory can assist with the following support services:

  1. Compilation of periodic reports on respirable pollutant exposure results for regulatory requirements.
  2. Development of an airborne pollutant monitoring strategy to comply with current and potential future regulations.
  3. Assist with the auditing of implemented airborne pollutant monitoring and reporting programmes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can issue no-obligation quotations once we have discussed your needs and can offer two levels of service “urgent” and “normal”. We also offer preferential rates for longer term contracts.

Respirable Alpha Quartz Analysis

Send us a message for more info on our occupational hygiene monitoring support services